Genesis is the industry leading design framework by studio press which is already powered over half million WordPress users around the world. With Genesis Framework, building incredible WordPress websites is quick & easy.

Why Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework has many advantages over other WordPress frameworks. Genesis powered with search engine optimized code, security, instant updates, easily customizable widget and layout options, and a huge developer community.

It is not significant whether you have been using Word Press since many years, or if you are just initiating out. WordPress can be a tricky content management system with a variety of options. These include plugins, products, themes and services. It’s very simple to get inundated with almost anything and everything. That is why it is mandatory to locate the efficient products to make your life easy and simple. One method to do is to use a reliable and authentic theme framework.

One of the most well known and famous theme frameworks is known as GENESIS FRAMEWORK. Genesis is a prospered theme framework for WordPress.  It is constructed on a straightforward vanilla blog-type parent theme, and can be developed with the utilization of child themes. Each child theme is having its personal home file. Thus, it will make expanding the parent theme very simple end elementary to do. It will be having its own assignments as well.

Why Pro Bloggers Choose genesis for WordPress?

Genesis is one of the most famous and prominent WordPress theme frameworks. Let’s have a look on some of the main reasons- why genesis?


It is well constructed – genesis is constructed with clean code’s first concern which means that it executes the advancement in HTML5 and CSS3 abilities.   It will make your site deed like it is anticipated to.

Many of the Genesis themes look excellent on mobile gadgets and are reactive, making the whole theme preference a good option for businesses in all places. 

It also prepares your site look good to search engines also. There is no need to worry about search engines having problem listing your site. You should just emphasis on making impressive content without troubling about the complicated SEO points.


It is flimsy- if your site creeps time-consuming, then you’ll get to know why lightweight and flimsy theme is necessary. Genesis is stuffed with qualities; you won’t see any straggle here.


It is skillfully supported- when you make only one time purchase and procure of Genesis Framework, you’ll be having upgrades and support for lifespan.


It’s secure, reliable, safe and regularly updated- genesis is having its uniform advancements to enhance its codebase. This is essential for making your site secure. Studio Press attempts to make your sites rushing as rapid and reliable as feasible.

Pros of using genesis framework

One time pu​​​​rchase Fee​​​​

The biggest advantage of purchasing Genesis Framework is One-time purchase fee. Most of the premium themes offer you only one year of support. After that, you need to renew by paying more money. In the case of Genesis, you need to pay only once at the time of purchase & no need to worry about any renewal.

Numerous blogs, but a single license

 unlimited websites: There is no need to buy Genesis themes again and again for all your WordPress sites. Buy once & use the Genesis on all your WordPress sites.

This is the supreme advantage for license holders. The developers cost on a per-license premises, instead of costing per theme. It means that all the current or succeeding Genesis child themes are added in the price and there is no possibility attempting them all on for size. It’s a promise to pliability and affordability that you undertake as a WordPress supervisor.

It’s constructed with SEO 

 genesis framework is made to get greatest out of SEO. The technique and method it is built, along with the process it structures classifications and posts, make sure that your matter will be simple and easy to find and comprehend. This is genuine for both search engines and people. Moreover, it makes effective use of micro data, which is significant for making your site even more pertinent and encouraging to users and search engines.

Built-in search engine optimization

A site can move rising in Google’s ratings and entice additionally vast audiences based on real authorship, focused page structure, Meta tags, keywords and reserved words.

Programming-free theme alterations

The themes in genesis framework is totally customizable without any awareness of programming needed, and just because of this, a backend control panel can be utilized to adjust and regulate colors, images, layouts, and an entire host of other interact-affected matter inside the theme.

Entirely widgetized structure and display selections

You can easily drag and drop widget-like boxes all around the theme and create the content layout that creates the greatest sense of the site’s design and users.

Child themes for genesis ​​​​​

Genesis framework utilize child themes for designing purposes. This is supremely salient, due to making your site’s design reliable, safe and secure. You can update the advance class of framework, and you website will remain complete.

The process it do its job is that – install genesis, and then go for installing the child theme. The child theme gives it additional design, style and functionality.

You can modify the child theme, free from any tension of destroying your site, mish mashing something. Each child theme is having its personal home file.​

Thus, it will make expanding the parent theme very simple and easy to do. It will be having its own operations as well.

Features of Genesis Framework

  • Genesis Framework is search engine optimized. 
  • Responsive Design.
  • Unlimited Support, websites & updates.
  • Airtight Security assures you that your site secured from any malicious attacks & hacks.
  • Instant updates without any hassle.
  • Easy customization.
  • One time purchase Fee
  •  unlimited websites 


If you need a standard Word Press theme framework, then Genesis framework is one of an excellent, and most extensively supported frameworks accessible.

 It is equipped with benefits that are significant for any business to get their web existence up and operating in almost no time. Moreover, it takes the stress out of up keeping problems that are normal with some WordPress sites.


If you need a well-structured framework that takes the bother out of web design and SEO, the Genesis Framework is an outstanding choice.

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