Rank Math SEO Plugin Review – Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO

Rank Math SEO Plugin is a Free WordPress plugin which helps writing SEO-friendly content to rank higher in search engines. Rank Math SEO plugin helps in optimizing your content for search engines. To outrank your competitors, Rank Math is the perfect Plugin to choose over any other SEO Plugins. 

RankMath Vs Yoast SEO

Even though WordPress is already SEO friendly this means that it generates code that follows good SEO practices. This is one of the reasons that people start their blogs or website on WordPress. 

Search engines are the major source of bringing traffic to your websites and so you should maximize SEO efforts on your website. Just building your site and blog on WordPress is not going to be enough.

SEO optimization means Search Engine Optimization which is done by content creators so that their content ranks higher on the search engine. If your site or blog is not SEO optimized then it is going to be harder to search them. Rank Math SEO Plugin optimizes your codes and formatting so that your content comes up higher and people click more on it resulting in a good volume of traffic. 

SEO plugins are used to optimize codes and formatting of your content and make it easier to search. It allows you to optimize Metadata and page titles. 


Every now and then we see different plugins being launched but Rank Math SEO plugin is one of the best available today. It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your website or blog SEO friendly. Rank Math is great at making you understand the things that you are doing wrong with your content development as you try to rank for the specific keyword. 

How Rank Math SEO plugin works is, it focuses on the on-page SEO by suggesting you options for inserting your keyword as you write your content. Now after inserting this particular keyword Rank Math SEO plugin would let you know about the mistakes you are doing, how to improve them and it also tells you about the things you are doing right. This way you can keep on doing the right thing and making progress by avoiding mistakes. 

Why is Rank Math SEO Plugin Better than Yoast SEO?

Rank Math SEO plugin is a huge competition for Yoast SEO and is proving to be better than it. Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that has many great features on its free version and for additional features, you can upgrade to the premium version. However, Rank Math SEO plugin is providing all these great features, including the features Yoast premium version has, for free. Besides that Rank Math SEO plugin is easier, faster and much more intuitive. 

Now that we know why Rank Math SEO Plugin is better than Yoast SEO. here are some of its great features:

Easy to Install

When you start installing, you will see that Rank Math auto-configures which makes it's much easier for a non-tech geek user. This auto-configuration also makes the process faster. This makes your WordPress site or content SEO friendly without taking much of your time.

Rank Math has a step by step setup wizard which allows you to control your SEO settings and also helps with customizing and adding data. 

Rank Math contains this great feature through which you can import your SEO setting from another plugin that you might be using previously. This way Rank Math imports all the settings from the other plugin and saves you from manually setting your preferences again.

Friendly interface

SEO optimization is not an easy task and the user would want to select an interface that is easy and understandable. SEO optimization is a lengthy job and you would not want to be stuck with a plugin that takes you a long time to figure out. 

Rank Math has a dashboard interface that showcases important tips related to the domain. This lets you add important data. 

Keywords optimization and Analysis of Content

The most important part of SEO optimization is keywords optimization and Rank math equips you with all the tools to do the job. It helps to add up to five focus keywords and it also allows you to rank for multiple keywords. 

Multiple keyword is a feature that is available in the premium version of almost all the plugins but Rank Math provides you with this feature for free. 

Rank Math SEO plugin also provides you with great keyword tips for making your content SEO friendly by analyzing your content. Rank Math does this by dividing its insight in four parts: 


Check up all the basic SEO which includes, length of your content, keyword placement in the important parts like in the SEO title and starting of the content, etc. 

More than Basics

In this section Rank Math gives a checklist to let you check whether you placed the targeted keyword in other right places like subheads and ALT attributes, etc. 

It also lets you know about the density of the keyword and confirms if you linked to external sources. 

Readability of the Title

Rank Math SEO plugin is a special plugin with exclusive features like this. In this section, it helps you make your title catchy.

Readability of the Content

In this section, it informs you about the readability by giving you Flesch scores. It also checks if you have added an image or video to your content and your content’s length.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Supports Rich Snippet

So let’s first check what rich snippet is?

It is basically a structured data markup that helps in driving traffic to your site and content. This allows your content to showcase its important sections in the search results which results in more traffic as it makes your content stand out. In short, it captures a user’s attention. 

A rich snippet is mostly used by schema.org but Rank Math now takes care of it as it integrates rich snippets to your content. You can easily configure rich snippets before publishing your content using Rank Math SEO Plugin. 


Rank Math SEO plugin has so many more interesting and unique features that we can’t just discuss in one article. This new Plugin is now being said the best and has given a tough competition to Yoast as many now consider it even more efficient than Yoast and other previously considered number one SEO plugin for WordPress. 

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