Searching for the best Dofollow forums to increase backlinks for your blog? In this post I have compiled a huge dofollow forum posting sites list to increase backlinks for your website / blog. 

Forums are great way to get knowledge & moreover you can get high quality authority backlinks for your blogs. Some forums allow Signature from which one can add their blog url & can get quality backlinks. 

As this list is huge, you can't signup for all the dofollow forums listed below. But try to register the one's which are relevant to your blog Niche. Be active in the forum & try to answer/solve the queries. By doing this you can earn trust of the forum admins. don't just register & throw your links all over the forum. Some forums are very strict & suspends accounts for spamming. 

dofollow forums to make quality backlinks

List of Dofollow forums to increase Backlinks

It's not easy to compile a list of do-follow forums with a high propensity to increase your website backlinks.  

What therefore is the bony means of getting a dofollow forums? A list of course! As satisfaction and comfortable it may seem in disguise, so also it is difficult to believe a list can capture forums relevant to all niche - it is limited. In fact, I might not be able to predict your website and blog niche.

Why not let us glance through the excellent way of getting tons of dofollow forums relevant to your niche and end up with the list. The relevance of forums is a criterion that deserves consideration when building links and this also applies to sign up for forums.

The exceptional way to get a dofollow forums is to search for it. Here are numbers of ways that you can employ in searching for dofollow forums:

Search for dofollow forums or forums having subforums relevant to your industry by using keyword + forums or discussion board or message board. You can go for an in-depth search with keyword and google search operator (inurl:, intitle:) or use SEO footprint.

Search for list of dofollow forums by using Ahrefs

Discover your competitors' dofollow forums by using Ahrefs. Ahrefs site explorer is capable of generating competitors' domain by searching for your domain. Proceed further by opening the Ahrefs Batch Analysis tools to paste all the lists that you have obtained.

Filter for forums and threads that have been embedded in the URL. You can get this done by typing either forum or thread in the search field after clicking on the "one link per domain". You have your way to the "one link per domain" by clicking on the drop-down arrow behind the domain and choose backlinks. The implications of doing this are that you have many forum signature links and forum threads that are promising link juice.

Search for dofollow forum posting sites list by using monitor backlinks

This is one app that piqued my interest the most, monitor backlinks. All you need to do is log to monitor backlinks and its amazing features are all yours. As a newbie, click on the competitors link module and add your competitors.

It will automatically display your competitor's new backlinks and review the results for forum links. As this is not enough, you get an email notification for every new link update.

However, with the aid of Google chrome, you are exposed to the opportunity to inspect backlinks for nofollow or Dofollow. This can be achieved by hovering over the link and with a right-click on the link you have inspect with the drop-down menu.

All you have to do is a glance to check for rel:"nofollow" which means it isn't a dofollow. But you can bypass this stress with automatic backlinks checker, a google chrome plugin able to specify dofollows and nofollow links in different colors.

What to do to earn a dofollow backlinks from a forum

The information in this article will be incomplete without answering this "what next question". Take your time to do this:

  • Read through the forum guidelines and rules.
  • Respect the members.
  • Be exuberant and don't promote yourself outrageously.
  • Don't give a link for every post.
  • Be concise with your comment.
  • Stay on the topic.


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