Content is King and every blogger knows that. But, how to write content for a website?  Writing a Quality blog post is very important in blogging to attract readers. When you planned to write an article, make sure that the article adds value to your blog readers.

Useful Tips to Write an Excellent Blog Post

Just writing 1000 words article with long paragraphs isn't enough, in-fact your article must add value to the readers coming to your blog.  A good & well organized blog post not only attracts visitors, if they like your content, it will also force them to share the article. 

Tips to Write Blog Post

Below are some proven tips to write Excellent quality blog post to engage audience.

1. Be patient while writing a blog post

One of the important aspects of writing quality articles is patience. Without patience, you cannot write a quality blog post. Don't be hurry to finish the article as soon as you started writing.

Just take your time & organize your ideas, then fill your blog post with good content. This may take some time, but in the end, what you will have is an excellent quality article. These types of well-organized articles will definitely add some value to the readers.

2. Choosing The Right Post Title

Choosing the right & best title for blog posts is very important, because, titles are the first part of blog posts. Post titles tell what's your article is about. Blog Post titles are responsible for getting the clicks from search engines.

So, Choosing the Best & Catchy titles for the blog posts with the right keywords is very important in writing an excellent blog post. An excellent blog post title should be understandable to the readers & completely justifies the purpose of your article.

Usually, Comparison headlines (Comparing Two or Three products), How To headlines, Number Headlines (Top 10's, Top 5's) & Promise headlines (Reviewing products, Guides, etc) perform well in search engines.

3. Keyword research

Doing proper keyword research & implementing the right keywords in the blog post is very important in SEO. If you want to rank your post higher in search engines, then you need to gather as much as keywords possible and add correct keywords in your post without affecting article quality. Without including the right keywords, you will never be able to rank your post in search engines.

Note: Excessive use of keywords in one blog post may result in spam. Keyword stuffing is now considered as black-hat tactic. So Avoid Excessive use of Keywords on one page. 

There are many amazing Keyword research tools available on the web. Make use of such Keyword tools & gather as many keywords as possible. You can also do competitor website research to check for which keywords they are ranking their websites. 

4. Make sure Introduction & main points are Clear

Use the keywords properly & add a clear introduction paragraph to your article. Your introduction paragraph should tell the purpose of your blog post clearly. This allows the readers to realize they have come to the right place. This will also ensure the visitors to read your post further without any hesitation.

5. Keep the paragraphs short.

The audience usually wants to learn everything fast. Nobody likes to read long articles. They always love information with minimum words which will solve their purpose. keeping the article content short & crisp makes it best for blog readers.

Rather than writing long paragraphs, try to organize your content in numbers or lists. Make sure arguments in your article have numbers or bullets in them. You can also include bold subheadings wherever necessary. This will ensure proper organization of post & makes your reader easy to understand the topic.

6. Stick to the Topic

One of the common mistakes of writers is while writing articles they usually add irrelevant & unnecessary content to make it look long article. Let your article glued to the topic. Don't Elaborate on the topic unnecessarily. This will make your audience to get frustrated very easily.

If you have a broad topic & the article needs a good explanation, then try to break down your content in paragraphs Or points. Add numbers & bullets wherever necessary to make your article look nice & readable. Adding Numbers, pointers & bullets in the blog posts easily catches readers' eyes & it will enable readers to understand the information easily.

7. Avoid Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Not every blogger is a pro in English. we are humans & we do mistakes, But, it will be a worse thing for a blog to have basic mistakes like grammar & spellings in it. especially Grammar errors can make your website look unprofessional. 

Every time you intend to write a blog post, make sure your post is error-free. If you are not good at English grammar, then make use of tools like Grammarly to compose clear & mistake-free articles. Also, make sure you edit your article and proofread it before publishing it. 

8. Include media in your blog post

If you are planning to write an excellent blog post, then including relevant media (Images & Videos) is essential to make your article more interesting.

Nobody likes to read long articles full of text. include relevant images and videos in long articles not only makes the article more appealing, but this will also drive image search traffic to your blog post.

9. Inbound & Outbound Linking 

Over the years, outbound linking is considered as a very important SEO factor. A quality blog post does require having a sufficient amount of relevant outbound links in the post body. Adding outbound links to high authority sites in the blog post will boost search engine trust over your blog.

Adding related internal links inside your blog content is a good SEO practice to bring the user to other related pages of your blog. This will offer the reader to get maximum information in one blog post. This also encourages users liking towards your blog/website. Linking other blogs within your blog post also help your user to get additional information about the topic they are reading.

This will also help you to get recognized by other fellow bloggers and provide you a backlink. Doing so help you to build a network of bloggers within your Niche. It will also ensure your readers have a feeling that you did proper research before you wrote your blog post.


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