How to make money with a low traffic blog

Growing population means growing competition. Every other person has their own kind of an innovative mind. Yet, no matter how good you think you are, there’s always going to be someone who comes up with better ideas than you, some might have better resources than you, and some might be more competent.

It almost seems like every other day that you read a story about a blogger who released a product to their audience and easily made a ton of money overnight. But if you dig a little deeper, you’d come to know that those bloggers already had a huge audience to back it up. This is the point in the process where a struggling blogger faces disappointment.

Make Money low traffic blog

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your expertise acknowledged and showcased without having an audience as big as them?! Well, guess what, it’s not impossible.

You most certainly can manage to pull off a massively successful product launch, and you can do it with a tiny audience unlike most cases. Here are a few clues that can help you out:

Make Money with a low Traffic blog

Focus on a big goal

The biggest change you can make is to focus more. If you're working on the topic of designing iPhone and iPad applications which are eye catching because of its name already, so you may start writing posts and tutorials that would be valuable to that audience just as the first step.

You can be one of the few people who write tutorials about designing apps. In fact, there are many much more popular blogs out there with bigger traffic. But you can be one of the first to write an e-book on this type of subject. So, when people come to your site and see that you are working on The App Design Handbook, it gives you instant credibility and some authenticity.

Focusing on a big goal and setting a bigger target, for example; writing a book, will give you credibility and a reason for visitors to follow your progress.

Give people a way to follow along and not forget about your content.

At the bottom of each post write from then on, you can place an email signup form for the book so that you can send reminders. It doesn't provide much information (it would be much better If you would provide more), but it did give people a chance to hear about the book when it launches.

This list can gradually grow to 1000 subscribers by the time and you may release the book or content in a traffic which was enough for a content to spread.

Watching this list grow gives you the confidence that your methods are working and encourages you to keep writing posts and blogs on designing iOS apps on the same pattern to grow better.

It is really important that you give your readers a way to opt in and let you know they are interested in your content. It's proven that emails are found to be the best way to do this.

Share valuable content

The posts you write can be all tutorials about designing and coding products. Nothing super-elaborate, just stuff you may think would be helpful to someone learning about design.

Facebooks iOS application had been notorious for its mediocre user experience. So, when Facebook releases a new version, you may take the opportunity to dissect all the design changes they made to see what you can learn and be productive for your viewers again. The designers at Facebook may not change anything big, but they sometimes make a lot of minor improvements that designers everywhere could learn from.

You can hope that this post would do well on sites like Hacker News, but it doesn't really get any traction often. To your surprise, though, it might start getting retweeted on Twitter. After a few days, it can be tweeted and retweeted over 100 times, attracting a lot of traffic.

More importantly, that may get you a lot of email signups to my book list

Create a good product

It would be a waste to spend months building up to a brilliant product launch, only to have a useless product.

It’s important to do the marketing and promotion posts (that’s the part most people ignore and don't put much effort on), but you still need to write the book or meet your larger goal.

Yet, like all things, it creates a balance. If you focus 100% of your attention on the product, you won’t sell any copies. So, find the right balance between creating the product and marketing the content. You can have your time split half for each.

You’ll get more opportunities for guest posting from your blogger friends as well.

The launch event

Some people say you should let people pre-order the product to test the demand of the product. While it's a really good idea, but If you have customer acquisition through emails you don't need to do that. Those emails were enough validation that there was a demand from the market, and If you want to create a lot of buzz by focusing everything for the launch day, you'll get that too. This strategy turns out right most of the time.

Get blogging community support

A blogging community is a great source of emotional support, especially through that first critical year of your blogging career.

Finally, learn the different ways blogs make money and how to think strategically about blogging income sources. Few of them are the ones that are mentioned above.

Wrap Up

So, this goes to show that by simple yet smart approaches, your blogs could still make money despite of having low traffic. You need to focus on a big project, give people a way to opt in and follow along with your content’s construction, focus on delivering value, and make a big splash on the launch day which should be much awaited by your audience. All these steps are a short way to promote your content free of cost just by knowing internet hacks.

This article highlighted all the main points that must be considered before you decide to post about your product because once it gets ignored, it's hard for you to get the audience back to it.

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