There are thousands of WordPress Themes available in the library, But how to choose the best theme for your Website? probably this is the question appears in every one's mind when picking up one theme among thousand.

Best WordPress Theme

Theme plays vital role in SEO, user experience. Theme also plays huge role in website Performance.  is , design & many other factors.

Some of the major factors to be considered before choosing the best wordpress theme for your blog. 

  • Mobile-friendly design (responsive)
  • SEO Friendly & Fast
  • Schema Ready
  • Fully customizable.
  • Secure & Free from bloatware
  • Properly Coded
  • Made with correct WordPress Hooks
  • Easily Indexable
  • Compatible to all major wordpress plugins.

1. What do you need the theme for?

What do you need the theme for & what exactly you want to achieve with your blog? ask for yourself before selecting the right theme for your blog. Every blog has its own purpose to serve. So in-order to achieve the purpose of your blog, you should choose the theme which perfectly suits your blog Niche. 

If you don't want to invest too much time on designing the blog, then consider choosing the theme according to your blog Niche. Most of the Niche based Premium Themes comes with the ready to go functions. 

2. Functions you need

Before selecting the theme, make a note of the functions you need in the theme. This will help you in selecting right theme for your blog easily. if you don't want to invest too much time on designing the blog, then consider choosing the free/premium theme according to your blog Niche. 

Most of the themes comes with eye catching animations, extensive color combinations & layouts. Don't fall for these type of themes, as in most of the cases you don't really need all of these. Your website may look Catchy, but it will definitely going to hurt website's loading speed & readability. indeed no one likes slow loading website right. 

So just choose the minimal theme which has the basic functions you need. Not every theme comes with all the functions, that is why WordPress offers plugins. 

3. Responsive Design

A responsive WordPress theme automatically adjusts its layout according to the screen size and resolution, which results in better readability and usability even on smaller screens such as smart phones.

Always choose the theme which is responsive, which means it must automatically adjusts the size which fits every browser & every device. No matter if the user is on PC Or on Mobile, if you choose responsive theme then it will automatically adjusts the size which results in good user experience.  

Good thing is that choosing responsive theme is not difficult as most of the themes nowadays comes with responsive structure. But still there are themes out there in the library, which are not at all responsive. So make sure you are choosing the Responsive Theme for your blog. 

4. Choose Lightweight Theme

Website-speed is one of the major ranking factors. So, You should always consider choosing light-weight theme that loads faster on every browser. Most of the times visitors will leave websites if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load.

If you website doesn’t load quickly, then most of the times visitors leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load.

5. Theme Customization

Theme customization is something that every blogger need in order to modify the theme according to their need. Most of the free themes don't give users any customization options. This is the reason why you should consider buying a premium theme for your website.

Premium themes offer its user to customize the theme by allowing modification in the theme like colors, typography, layout designing, headers, footers, etc.

6. Ratings & Customer Feedback

Theme ratings & feedback from customers is very important if you are buying a pro theme for your website. If you have selected a theme, then do some research on google and try finding pros and cons of the theme.

Check for the reviews of the theme on various websites. Read some Theme review articles on reputed websites.  This will give you enough information about what other are people saying about the theme. 

7. Documentation and support

Documentation and customer support are usually available only for premium themes due to their price and higher level of sophistication. As such if you're going for your premium theme make sure documentation and customer support are provided by the developers of the theme. 

My Recommended Themes For Bloggers

1. Generatepress Theme + Elementor

2. Astra Pro Theme + Elementor

3. Schema from Mythemeshop

4. OceanWP Theme

5. KadenceWP Theme (Best Free Theme)

6. Blocksy Theme (Best Free Theme)

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