GeneratePress Theme Review – Fast loading Multipurpose Blog Theme

GeneratePress is a Popular lightweight, Multipurpose & SEO optimized WordPress theme built with a focus on speed & usability. If you are looking for a lightweight theme to kickstart your website, then GeneratePress Theme is a perfect fit for your need.

Before we go into generatepress theme review, let’s first look at a brief overview of Generatepress theme.

Generatepress Theme downloads As per theme directory

GeneratePress Theme Overview


​Theme Quality

There is no doubt that GeneratePress Theme is one of the top quality themes created so far. The Generatepress theme performance is excellent even if you activate all of the modules. 

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* Ease of Use

GeneratePress is definitely an easy to use theme. The customization options of GeneratePress Theme are so simple that even a newbie can easily use the options to design the website according to his/her need.  

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​Value For Money

GeneratePress offers free theme with limited functions. But, in-order to use the pro features you need to buy GeneratePress Theme Premium Plugin and this will cost you $49.95. To be honest in this price you will get an advanced theme which is fast, secure & SEO ready. This theme is definitely worth for every penny that you spent on it.

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* Support

GeneratePress offers Support forum from where most of the common issues are solved by opening a ticket. They have good supporting staff and can resolve all kind of technical issues within a few minutes of opening ticket. Further users can visit GeneratePress website where there are tons of documentation articles available which can help users to get started with generatepress theme. 

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GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a theme designed for WordPress which allows developers to either use it as a base for their website’s theme or they can add more features by buying add on plugins. Now let’s take a look at the GeneratePress theme review:

Quick Look at GeneratePress Theme

  • SEO Optimized Theme.
  • Light weight.
  • Fast & Secure.
  • Over 2.5+ Million downloads.
  • 2,00,000+ Active Installations. 
  • Rated 5 stars in theme directory.
  • Unlimited websites (GP Premium) 
  • Easy to use customization options.
  • Value for Money.

About GeneratePress

The idea behind Generatepress was to introduce a basic, flexible and lightweight theme for WordPress. Developed by Tom Usborne, Generatepress was first created as a free theme for WordPress and Tom later on started adding premium plugins. 

These plugins are to further extend the functionalities and features on Generatepress. Generatepress theme premium has so many added features with its initially intent remaining intact of it being a light weight and fast accessing theme.

GeneratePress Premium

Generatepress core theme is free to use with limited functions. However upgrading to Generatepress them Premium will cost you $49.95. Once you bought licence key you are free to use Generatepress theme premium on as many websites as you like. 

GP Premium @ $49.95

  • All premium modules
  • Full access to the Site Library
  • Unlimited websites
  • 1 year of updates & support
  • 40% renewal discount
  • 30 day money back guarantee

GeneratePress Theme Review

Generatepress theme is pretty popular given that it is a free theme and people don’t expect too much from a free theme, most common occurrence is low speed and bad coding when people are using these free themes. However, Generatepressis none of these things. It is light weight fast and has good coding. This is why it has over a billion downloads and 700 plus 5 star ratings.

Why You Should Be Using GeneratePress

If you are someone who is performance oriented and you want to have complete control over customizing your website then GeneratePress is for you. It allows you to achieve higher levels of customization.

With GeneratePress you are free to make your website look any way you want and since it is a light weight and fast theme, it would allow your site t have a good foundation so that it loads quickly.

Here are a bunch of reasons why you should give GeneratePress a chance:

Light Weight and Fast Loading

For a developer a cleaner code and optimized performance are two of the most basic and important things, GeneratePress provides with both of these. You would be amazed to know that GeneratePress is a theme of 30 KB while other themes are no less than 200 KB and some themes that are not properly coded are even more than 1 MB.

GeneratePress takes its pride on being properly coded and fast loaded theme. Due to its light weight and efficient coding the loading is faster compared to the others.

Several Custom Options to Choose From

So basically, the GeneratePress theme itself is just the baseline and framework which is for free. Now for further plugins it is premium. This is not bad at all.

If you are a developer then you can work with free version of its theme but if you want extra plugins then you would have to go premium. These plugins are features. The best thing about this whole thing is that it is completely under your control to choose what features you want for your website and get exactly that. Usually other themes have this vast range of options but mostly you don’t use them and it just adds to the bulk without giving you any profit and making your performance low.

Genratepress theme premium is a paid option but on the bright side you only pay for the features (Modules) that you want. With this you get unlimited customization options.

GeneratePress Theme Review

Color Module

This feature is pretty vast as it has 60 different colors available for your website customization and you can customize each and every part of your website for example: font color, background color, link color, etc. it can be anything. You can choose the color by entering the hex code or by using color picker.


This is also pretty vast as you can change the font styles of anything on your website. You can customize whole website's Typography from header to footer using GeneratePress Typography feature. 

Custom Backgrounds

With this module you can custom background image. Using this feature you would be able to change background of all the available options.

Blog Module

Yes, there is a blog module as well. This lets you have control of the entire advanced layout for your blog.

Through this option you can choose the amount of visibility you want from you blog whether or not you want to show author, date, etc. One of the options also lets you choose to show an excerpt or not.

These are just basic few options, there are plenty more for you to explore. Generatepress child themes option is also very efficient.

Advanced Navigation

GeneratePress allows you to have an advanced navigation option. To make your website look different than the others, Generatepress allows you to adjust majority of your settings on the navigation main menu.

SEO optimized and Compatible with page builders and plugins

The theme is extremely SEO optimized which gives the surety of increased ranking. It is also compatible with all the popular plugins and page builders. For example: Yoast SEO, BuddyPress, EDD, etc.

GeneratePress Theme Site Library

Generatepress theme Premium Plugin enables the access to GeneratePress Site Library. This Sitelibrary Contains list of demo sites which can be imported to kick start your project. These imported demo sites are customizable and can later be tweaked according to your need. 

Documentation and Support

The extensive documentation GeneratePress theme has all sorts of trouble shooting and answers almost all your questions. The support is also very responsive and takes care of any problems that you are facing very efficiently.

Generatepress theme coupon codes are often available on their official website, other than that all the others are probably fake. They display the real ones at the top of their website’s display very prominently.


Should you buy Generatepress theme? Well this is completely upto you. I have explained everything about Generatepress theme in the article. However if you need already customized & ready to go theme, then choosing theme according to your blog Niche is the best option. 

Hope you like the Generatepress Theme review article. Kindly share your thoughts about generatepress theme in the comments below. 

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