Bluehost is the officially recommended web host for WordPress, and naturally, it has become the largest brand in WordPress hosting around the world. started its operation in 1996, and over 2 decades, it has been powering over 2 million websites worldwide. It has almost been a decade since it started in operation in India with and has become an established brand for offering cloud-based hosting solutions to small and medium enterprises.

Apart from that, provides Linux and Windows based hosting, reseller hosting, domain registration, VPS and dedicated servers, business email, website security tools and certificates. Bluehost India discount and coupon code have made it a preferred web host in India. In this article, we will provide an unbiased Bluehost review and give you a comparison between Bluehost India Vs

BlueHost India Review

Bluehost Hosting Services And Features offers the whole host of services that can fit every budget and requirement. The following is a complete and detailed Bluehost review of all the hosting services provides with salient features.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is in huge demand in today’s world especially from small and medium enterprises. They are following the current trend of transformation from shared hosting to cloud across the world. provides Cloud solution at an affordable rate. Cloud hosting is safer, reliable, faster and simpler. Hardware breakdown will not lead to downtime for your website anymore.

They provide intuitive dashboard, monthly bills, data mirror technology for distribution of data across different servers, integrated cache for faster access, instant scaling during high traffic and automated failover in case of hardware damage on one server. The service is fully managed by their experts and resource monitor is always available at your disposal. You can easily upgrade from shared hosting to cloud hosting anytime by contacting their support team and availing Bluehost coupon code.


Linux and Windows Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is still the most preferred way to start a website with low to moderate traffic volume. In shared hosting, websites of different users share the same hardware resources. promises 99.99% uptime, 30-day money back guarantee, 1-click installation of applications in Linux and Windows, intuitive and feature-rich cPanel and 24/7 customer support. The plans are diverse and satisfy all the different types of customers according to their budget and requirements. All the plans come with unlimited disk space, data transfer database, and email accounts.

All the popular applications are already available in the cPanel. Security has been given priority by secure FTP access, IP blocking. It has provisions for advanced email hosting. It is also ideal for E-commerce based websites where additional security and dedicated IP can be availed. For Windows shared hosting, it has 4.5 and MSSQL 2012.


WordPress Hosting

No other web host is so popular as Bluehost when it comes to WordPress hosting, and it is recommended by WordPress itself. It offers a fast, simple and secure solution. The speed and performance are perfectly optimized, and it sports intuitive cPanel that encourages people to build their own website. The plans are flexible and cater to everyone’s need. You can upgrade CPU and RAM in case you need them. Backup and security are prime concerns for every WordPress website owners, and those aspects are perfectly taken care of with SSL integration and cloud backup. They have dedicated support team to help you install and troubleshoot problems.


Virtual Private Server

If you want to have your private space where you can install any software and have superuser access to modify the critical parameters of the web server, you should opt for VPS hosting. It is required need your website is based on E-commerce or offers web based services. provides Linux based VPS with SAN power devices. It is a managed service, and you will get dedicated support team all the time. There are different plans based on RAM capacity, storage capacity and data transfer parameter. VPS hosting does not provide a separate server with separate hardware configuration and hence, it is an informal shared hosting. But it is better than traditional shared hosting in terms of uptime and freedom to modify software and parameters.


Dedicated Server

You require a dedicated server when you want your own server to host your website. There is no sharing of resource and server. It is of two types – managed and self-managed.

In managed hosting, Bluehost will provide all the assistance in maintain the server for a fee.

In self-managed, you have to be responsible for everything, and you can do anything with the server.

It is obviously expensive and best for those who have high volume traffic. The servers are better than usual, there is unlimited storage, and it comes with customized cPanel.


Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting

In this type of hosting, you can share your hosting space with multiple users. For example, if you are a web developer and you have clients, you can create websites and host them from your web server space and take a yearly fee for the same. You can also sell your space to third-parties. The plans are based on disk space, and you can host unlimited websites. It also offers client billing management tool, intuitive master cPanel, advance email hosting and much more. offers the whole host of services that can fit every budget and requirement. The following is a complete and detailed Bluehost review of all the hosting services provides with salient features.

Uptime and Speed

Uptime and speed are the two parameters that literally differentiate a great web host from crappy web hosts. Even though Bluehost guarantees 99.99% uptime, by actual testing, it is found to be 99.97% if you consider a very long period in terms of months and years. If you consider a short period of time for testing, you will always find 100% uptime. Clearly, wins over others in this parameter. Most importantly, it does not crumble under high traffic scenario.

When it comes to Bluehost review of speed and response time, Bluehost has CDN and CloudFlare which increase the speed and availability very instant. The response time is negligible, and by testing through Pingdom, it is found to be 85% faster than all the websites present in the world. You can use cache plugins to increase its speed further. Most importantly, its response time does not fluctuate a lot when high volume traffic accesses your website at once. 

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable Plans –Every hosting service has multiple plans that are tailor-made to satisfy every category of customers according to their budget and needs. 
  • Reliable Performance – is one of the most reliable web hosts in India due to minimum downtime and better than moderate performance. The higher plans you choose, the better the performance becomes.
  • Transparent – It delivers what it promises. The 30-day money back guarantee plan is legit. There is no hidden charge in anything, and you pay what is advertised.
  • Free Domain and Bluehost Hosting CouponMost of the plans offer a free domain name for 1 year which is awesome. There is a dedicated section of Bluehost coupon code and Bluehost India discount. They bring out the overall cost much to customer’s delight.
  • Security and SupportSecurity has been given priority in They have dedicated support team for each hosting service and their teams have technical knowledge rather than only sales information. They are available all the time.
  • cPanel is advanced but intuitive, and everything can be managed without technical assistance. Cloud hosting and WordPress hosting are the areas where they are currently leading in India.


  • No Automatic Backup – You have to take a manual backup which could be really irritating, and sometimes, you might forget to do so, and if your website gets hacked or corrupted, you will be ruined.
  • Expensive Add-on – The add-ons are very expensive, and their prices are higher than other competitors. Even domain name renewal is very expensive.

Is & are Same?

Answer is Big NO. Both are different, is not as good as It is always recommended to buy hosting from But if you are looking for an affordable hosting service in india, then will suit your need. The following are the benefits and differences between Vs

Cheap Plans – Bluehost India have cheap plans tailor made for Indians. If you buy plans instead, it is cost you nearly double the money even after dollar conversion.

Localized Server – web servers are located in India, and hence, if you have Indian web traffic, you should always go for Bluehost India as the speed and performance will be better. If you have more US traffic than Indian traffic, only then can you go for

Bluehost Coupon Code – India has so many seasons and festivals and naturally, general and seasonal discount is always available. On the other hand, Bluehost hosting coupon is limited in the global website.

Customer Support – Bluehost India has dedicated support team, and they can speak in Hindi and understand local terms. When you buy hosting plan from, you have to interact with foreigners whose accent could be a language barrier for you.

In terms of hardware configuration and performance parameters like uptime, there is no visible difference between and


That is the complete, unbiased Bluehost review and we hope it would help you decide between Bluehost India Vs and the hosting service to opt for. The bottom line is Bluehost is a reliable web host, and you can go for it for any type of hosting service requirements. Always use Bluehost hosting coupon and Bluehost India discount for getting hosting services at a very cheap rate. 

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