Looking for the best keyword research tool ? here in this post I have compiled some of the best Keyword research tools used by pro bloggers over the years. So without wasting much time let's begin. 

Best keyword research tools for SEO

Keyword research isn't about search volume. I'll even argue that it's not entirely about traffic either. It's about choosing topics that potential customers are searching for, serving their needs, and eventually converting them into customers. So in this keyword research tutorial, I'm going to show you how to do keyword research that will help you increase traffic and revenue.

SEMrush (Recommended)

Keyword Research tools

There is more to this tool than keyword research. You harnessed the keyword overview tools by simply inputting the keyword and afterwards, a click away lies a picture that supplies you with the popularity and trends of this keyword, key traffic stats, keyword difficulty, search engine report, AdSense CPC, etc.

As said earlier, you have more in your way, for it gives a suggested list of similar keyword that is considered worthy along with their equivalent or procured organic search traffic. That means you can know where your keywords where your competitor ranks better (discovering the profitable keyword and stealing traffic for your website).

SEMrush most interesting feature is that you can spy your competitor website by typing in the URL (competitor URL) and it will display keyword that the search engine ranks it for. With this, you have keywords (short-tail and long-tail) and what it takes to beat your competitors hands down.

SEMrush is highly recommended and I dob #1 keyword research tool. 

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer


It's a popular keyword research tool that has striking features and similarity with SEMrush. Also, it is an excellent substitute (alternative) for SEMrush.

The features of Ahrefs is almost similar to SEMrush. If you are looking for an alternative for SEMrush, then Ahrefs tops the table. Ahrefs is the most trusted & complete keyword research tool available in the market. 

  • Check Keyword difficulty 
  • Get Clicks & CPC for the particular keyword.
  • Search Volume.
  • Related Keywords


SERP stat it is an amazing and easy to use Keyword research tool for beginners.  SERPSTAT includes website analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracker, site audit. 

Serpstat has grown rapidly over the years to become one of the best SEO tools. The main feature of Serpstat keyword research tool is in-depth URL analysis. With the help of Serpstat, it is easy to do deep competitive analysis which can help you find the keywords for which your competitors are ranking for.  


Answerthepublic is brainer and suitable for quick keyword research since there's no need for creating an account before use. Also, it's good to know that answerthepublic keywords results are from Google and Bing auto-suggestion. Therefore you can click on the keyword to search on Google for it. This display the contents that rank for these terms.


It's a free SEO tool that is recommendable in generating new keyword idea. As the name, 'Ubersuggest' implies it suggest long-tail keywords either related, question or comparison with the seed keyword. Moreover, it's potent in giving overview and search trend info over the last 12 months and estimate the average backlink and domain score you need to be top 10 on SERPs.

Ubersuggest also display contents that drive traffic, backlinks and social media shares and SERP overview. It enables to spy on competitors' effort with its traffic overview analyser.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is another SEO free tools that can be accessed by opening a Google AdWords account. This keywords tool is popular because of its connectivity with Google (the largest search engine) and it's limited to Google search engine only.


The main objective in SEO (Search engine optimization) isn't just writing good and glossy content but it's creating an irresistible content garnished with appropriate keyword apportioned rightly to be the indisputable best by the search engine, relishing and digestible to the audience. Therefore, keywords are the key and indispensable to scooping online traffic to your webpages. Inevitably, your choice keyword declares your website ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The choosing of keywords is no picnic, it involves reviewing a lot of data in sourcing the right keyword for your content strategy. The right question at the moment is 'how do you get your hands on this data?'. This is where keywords research and its research process comes to play. Keyword research tools are vital for both newbie (novice) and expert SEO in excelling in their competitive niche.

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