Backlinks are known as 'inbound links' or 'incoming links' are links build from one website to a webpage on another website. The backlink is the #1 factor considered by Google in ranking webpages in SERP because they represent a 'vote of confidence and relevancy' from one website to another. Gone are the days where it's your content that only speaks for you to be rated well.

link building methods in 2020

But now your backlinks are your vouch of credibility, relevancy, and versatility. Therefore, you should now invest more effort in building your backlinks.

To achieve this, I have painstakingly pinpointed the reliable, realizable and resourceful methods for building backlinks in 2022. Here are the easy but patience demanding methods:

1. Start blogging

Persistence, patience, and consistency are essential in starting a blog. You get to command and amass authority, fetch more click-through rates, and reduce bounce rate by making several good content. 

What makes content good? It's when it is reader-oriented and well optimized for search engines. By putting effort into creating great content you'll testify that good contents earn backlinks and not scrape a backlink.

2. Request for backlinks

Don't underestimate the power of asking for backlinks from friends, relatives, colleagues, etc who are website owners especially if you are a beginner.

 You haven't crossed or transgressed Google webmaster guidelines so long you asked from colleagues and partners whose website has some proximity relationship to your niche. If not, desist! As this will harm your website ranking.

Preferably, ask for anchor text because most readers are quick to consider the text and moved to predicate anything on the sidebar and footer (including the sidebar links and footer links) as extraneous or distraction.

3. Build relationships

Of essence is the need to develop online-relationship with your targeted audience in building backlinks for your website. This can be done by paying adequate attention to your branding.

There is a need to paint yourself as a seasoned professional or extraordinary knowledge source in your niche. Invariably, branding and creating an impression for your name.

A good place to start is to join and sign in to a community-based website and Q&A (questions and answers) websites chiefly to supply the relevant answers with links (either nofollow or dofollow) to your website, thereby driving more organic traffic to your site.

You can advance your fame and spread your sweet-smelling savor by making use of profound branding tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Rapportive, Hootsuite, etc for making incredible impressions and contact with the audience.

4. List your website in trustworthy directories

Care must be taken while putting this in action because some directories add no value to internet user and Google is getting rid of them. The last thing you want is to enlist your website on Google webmaster guidelines violators.

However, it's fallacious to conclude that all directories are bad. Seek for niche directories and directories of specific industry informative website. Enlist your website with such directories to increase your chance of getting indexed by most search engines and publicize your online presence to internet users.

5. Give a testimonial

It is brainier and witty to grasp on the win or wins scenario of testimonial link than wasting efforts on backlinks e-mail request that eventually gets neglected. 

For companies request testimonies on their products to build customer trust while you get your back scratched (benefited) by a backlink and potential traffic to your website.


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