Making typical SEO mistakes is quite common. Do you make SEO mistakes too? Making mistakes is nothing new, but learning out of them and eliminating them out of your strategy is the trick to success. Review your optimization approach, before it is too late.

Why SEO is So Important? 

whether you are a blogger, internet marketer or seller who wants to sell your products online, SEO is the key factor to rank your sales pages higher on search engines.

People usually visit websites that are at the top of the search results, because, they appear to be more relevant results to their search query. To get higher rankings in search engines, your website must have all the qualities that search engines are looking for.

SEO mistakes to avoid to earn high ranking

If your competitor ranking is better than yours, this simply means they did Proper Search Engine Optimization OR SEO. Their pages are popping on the first page of the search engine because they have done a better job of telling search engines that this page is all about this particular query.

To get more traffic from search engines, your website has to be on the first page for the specific keywords. To achieve this you need to do proper SEO for your website. Without doing SEO your content will never be found online. In today's competitive world you need to use proper SEO techniques to take your site to the top of the search results.

Here is a list of some common SEO mistakes and ways to overcome them.

1. Selecting Wrong Keywords

keyword research is very important in SEO. The selection of right keywords is a major factor to rank posts higher in search engines. The biggest SEO Mistake is not doing keyword research & implementing right keywords on blog posts. 

  • Insertion of wrong keywords in blog posts result in poor SEO.  
  • Do keyword research & implement relevant keywords in the blog post.
  • Avoid dual meaning & general keywords.
  • adding Long-tail keywords in blog posts is also a major ranking factor.

2. Excessive Keyword Stuffing

The common SEO mistake that most of the newbie bloggers will make is the excessive use of keywords in one blog post. Keyword stuffing is now considered as a black-hat tactic. So avoid including a large number of keywords on one page.

  • Overusing of keywords in one page will lead to spam. 
  • Excessive use of keywords hurt websites SEO Performance
  • Make sure to use relevant repetition of targeted keywords

3. Writing Irrelevant Content

One of the common SEO mistakes of bloggers is while writing blog post they usually add irrelevant & unnecessary content to make it look long article. Let your article glued to the topic. Your content should satisfy the intent, the keyword, that's being searched. You should focus on the reader first and make your goal to please the reader of the article, then the search engines. 

  • Stick to the topic & don't elaborate on the topic unnecessarily.
  • Encourage A direct & well framed content copy.
  • Develop content which is informative & user friendly
  • Always produce Unique & high quality content.

4. Not building backlinks

Another important SEO mistake is not building backlinks to newly crafted blog posts. Competition is too high, and you can't rank your blog posts in Google if you are not doing any kind of link building for your blog. So if you need more traffic from Google search you should start building high-quality backlinks for your blog.

5. Going off track with link building.

Focusing on building too many backlinks at a time without focusing on the quality of the backlinks is the common SEO Mistake that can be seen done by many bloggers. Another common mistake is going off track with link building like, using black hat link building methods, making low-quality backlinks, Link buying, Spammy guest post, etc. Doing so is a major SEO mistake as this will damage your website's reputation.

  • Always build high quality backlinks.
  • Getting backlinks from authority sites will certainly boost your blogs reputation & search ranking. 
  • Guest posting on High DA Sites is a great way to get quality backlinks & building relationships in your niche.
  • Focus on quality of backlinks over Quantity of backlinks.  

6. Not Prioritizing User Experience.

Most of the people will stop engaging & leave your website if your website layout is unattractive. So to sustain that, you should value UX and UI optimization of your website.
One of the best ways to improve website SEO performance is to simply optimize your site's user experience & User interface. Here are some optimization actions to consider.

  • Increasing your website's loading speed.
  • Making your site more mobile friendly.
  • Stop using irritating interstitial pop-ups.
  • Taking care of ad placements, etc.

7. Title tags and meta descriptions

Using the Same Title tags for every page of websites & Stuffing Keywords in the meta descriptions are considered as a bad SEO Practice. Meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, but it is an important aspect of on-page SEO. There are many factors need to be considered to avoid SEO mistakes when writing meta descriptions. below are a few things to consider. 

  • Use unique Title tags for every page of your website.
  • Use keywords gently and do not just stuff keywords in the meta descriptions. 


SEO is very important to achieve top rankings in search engines and to get more visitors to websites. These are just common SEO mistakes that need attention. Fix these common mistakes to have an SEO strategy that never fails and delivers higher SEO ranking. 

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